Here goes!

Last night, I stayed up late getting the résumé and cover letter “done enough”, and I sent both in this evening after some minor tweaks.

I’m trying a new idea for the résumé, which might end up looking a bit annoying, or might look pretty sharp depending on the audience. Hard to explain, I’ll post a dummy example if it works out.

Now that the email’s been sent, there’s not a lot for me to do, except sit around and anticipate. I’ve applied for this particular job before, and very nearly “got it”, so I’m guessing I’ll at least get an interview. Then again, it’s been a while since my professional work has lined up closely with their job description.  Who knows?

Update in August:

As promised, here’s what the résumé I submitted looks like.  For some reason, I feel weird about posting the original online, so I’ve changed most of the text around:

Not what I actually submitted

Not what I actually submitted


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