The Waiting Game

When I sent in that application to IceCube, it was about halfway between the time the position opened up, and the deadline for applying.  The deadline passed last Friday, which means they’ll start looking through the applications next week and my level of anticipation has increased a good bit.

I really should be spending more time practicing things that might come up on the interview, but have been having a hard time getting motivated to do that.  It’s hard enough to get home after a (usually long) day at work, cook dinner, then sit down and work on a computer more.  On top of that, we’ve been having pretty good weather here on the weekends, and I’ve had several good excuses to do other things after work or on the weekends.

At any rate, now it’s time to wait until I hear from them to see whether I’m out of the running, or have an interview.  I like to think there’s a good chance of the second – that I’ll get an interview – but, I don’t know how likely it is that it’ll turn into a job offer.

In the meantime, I’ve setup a couple “virtual machines” and have been doing the odd hour or two of setting up networks with them, practicing things I haven’t used in a long time, etc. – practice for the inevitable technical questions if I’m lucky enough to get an interview.

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