Phone Interview!

It’s Friday evening as I start this post. Most weeks around this time, I’d be out having a couple beers with some work friends, but it’s a grey day here and several of the usual crowd had other plans.  I do too!

Tuesday morning, I got an email from IceCube with a few possible times for a phone interview. Needless to say, work has been hard to focus on this week, and I’m glad to have a couple days off to focus on getting ready for the interview without being distracted by my real job.

I’ve got the day of the interview off from work, citing personal reasons – things I need to catch up on. Fortunately, nobody has asked yet specifically what’s up, I’d probably tell them.

The plan is to hope for bad weather this weekend, and spend it inside brushing up on computer skills regardless. I have a loose plan for some things I’d like to accomplish, just to have the concepts fresh in my head, but who knows what I’ll actually end up doing.

It’s hard not to think about what happens if I get offered an alternate position, or if I don’t get an offer, or if I’m totally lucky and get a primary position. Part of me is worried that they’re just calling to fill in some blanks left on my recently-very-shortened resume, in case I left out something they’d actually be interested in…

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