Phone Interview Preperation

I spent all weekend playing with computer things.  In the end, much of that was more programming related than sysadmin related, but I did cover most of the things that I’d intended to do in sysadmin land.  Today at work was a good kind of busy – enough going on that I wasn’t distracted by thoughts of  tomorrow’s interview, but not difficult enough that I had a hard time walking away from it at the end of the day.  Had a couple beers and a pizza with a friend of mine after work to unwind, now going to bed a bit early as the interview is in the morning.

My friend asked the big question tonight: what are my chances?

I honestly don’t know.  Better than 0, certainly not guaranteed either.  I think this interview is relatively early in their list, so I suppose that’s a good sign?  Certainly I’m not the most qualified person around, but I think I am qualified enough technically, and I have a bit more experience with the physical parts of the job than most of the other geeks I know.

We’ll see how it goes.  I’m going to have a quick read-over of my last two applications then hit the hay.

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