One Step Closer!

A bit over two weeks ago now, I got an email from IceCube inviting me up to Madison for a face-to-face interview. They would be covering transportation and lodging costs, of course I would’ve accepted the invitation either way. One step closer to the South Pole, the long way around the globe. Yay!

The intervening two weeks have been going quite slowly. Work has been frustrating, and would’ve been without the constant thoughts about Antarctica bouncing around in my head. We’ve had some lousy weather here in Christchurch, and one of my normal group of friends has just left for almost two months in Europe. So, it’s itchy feet all around.

I’ve started looking around the apartment, thinking about what to do with the things that have accumulated in my time here, if this job works out. I still have a storage unit in Boulder, and with the earthquake rebuild going on here, I’d be especially disinclined to get another one. Might be time to slim down a bit!

There are a few other projects stewing too – if this job does work out, I’m intending to make some cold weather photography gear. A fat bike is under consideration either way.

I need to get interview clothes figured out.

And something to do on the planes! The new kindle was bought with this one in mind – I did some mental math and realised that, if this job works out, that I’ll likely be catching something like 30 planes in the next 6 or 7 months. Here to Madison is 4 each way, so that’s 16 (8 for the interview, 8 for training), plus a few extra down to Pole, plus at least a couple out-and-backs from Madison to visit with my widely distributed family in the US.

Even if the job doesn’t work out, I’m looking forward to popping up to Madison for a couple days – it’ll be good to get out of town and on the road for a week.

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