Insulation Frustration. Also, Waiting.

This isn’t the first weeks-long waiting game in this process, but I think it should be the last.  If I get the job, then there’s going to be waiting, but it’ll be waiting for the next step rather than waiting to find which path this process is going to follow.

Over the last few weeks, it’s become more obvious to me that whatever the interview committee decides, some significant parts of my living situation will be changing.

If they decide to hire me, I’ll be quitting my job and hopefully squeezing in a bit of travel before heading to Madison for training, then down to Pole for the longest day on Earth.

If they decide not to hire me, I need to make some changes to my living situation anyways.

My stay in this apartment has gone on about two years longer than I intended it to, and at least as long since I’ve known this wasn’t where I want to live in this city.  The recent cold weather and accompanying huge power bills have reminded me that it’s well past time to find a better insulated place.  Our short days have reminded me that it would be nice to have something to do nearby in the evenings other than hanging out in bars.  Rugby season reminds me that I’d rather not live on a major road that becomes a drag strip most weekend nights.

We’ll see how it goes!

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