The Big Call

It’s Monday night in Christchurch.  I’ve had a few days to let the big news from Friday settle in, and start acting on it.  IceCube offered me a job, and of course I accepted!

The call itself came after a warning email during my morning shower, which made it pretty clear what was going to happen.  They had finished with the selection process and wanted to talk with me on the phone or skype as soon as possible.

We didn’t talk a whole lot about specifics really – the salary is set, I already knew the basic training schedule from conversations last time I was in Madison, and of course the Antarctic schedule is predictably subject to change.  One surprise is that I’ll be attending fire training, which from friends’ experiences sounds like a lot of fun.  The other IceCube winterover is someone I’ve not met yet, but he sounds like a cool guy.

Friday was supposed to be day two of a big “blizzard” down here, but which turned out to be mostly just rain, slightly above freezing.  As the call was wrapping up, wet slush started falling from the sky, and it was really dumping down by the time I got out to the car.  Made it into work OK, and couldn’t resist letting everyone I talked with know what I’d been up to.

Most people at the office at this point knew that I had been to an interview for an Antarctic job a few weeks back, so it wasn’t a complete surprise.  Loads of conversations though, and I was glad that people were generally supportive and accepting that I was moving on.  My boss and I worked out that I’ll be finishing work in 2 weeks, but dropping back by for a day before leaving for Madison in case my replacement has any questions that come up.  Time for a road trip!

Over the weekend I went on my first shopping trip buying up fancy wool underwear and liner gloves.  Also finally found some cable that I think will work for my external, heated, camera battery.

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