Road Trip Prep

The last two weeks sure have flown by!  Leading up to my last day at work was a lot of typing up documentation, so haven’t been too motivated to type up blog posts here.

IceCube wise, I’ve signed a contract and received a packet of policy/benefits papers from my new employer; the University of Wisconsin. Arrangements have been made for travel to Madison, a work computer, work email account, and the like. Looking forward to getting up to Madison and meeting Dag, the other IceCube winterover, at the beginning of August!

Bill Spindler, an Antarctic historian and longtime Polie has a blurb on his South Pole Station News page mentioning these two new IceCube winterovers – we’re famous!

In the meantime, there’s a road trip on the North Island, and I need to move out of my apartment.  Planning for this stuff is logistically interesting.  Things that I’ll need on the trip, in Madison, at Pole, or for whatever comes next (plus all the combinations of those) are condensing into a Venn Diagram style piles on the floor:

Venn Piles

Tomorrow, the plan is to shuffle the piles into duffel bags or boxes, and clean out the apartment. Wednesday AM, I hope to hit the road up towards Picton, to catch the ferry to Wellington early Thursday. So, it’s likely there won’t be any new updates here for a few days, but hopefully there will be some photos when they do happen.


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2 Responses to Road Trip Prep

  1. herrachris says:

    Awesome! IceCube is an really neat project. Congratulations. Glad to find your blog, it’s nice reading the NZ bits. Would love to hear about your time in McMurdo as a fuelie (I read the bit) and any general insight.

    • ianrrees says:

      Thanks! I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog too, found it by searching for fat bikes in Antarctica ;). Nice photos!

      Will see about a backgrounder post sometime, but I bet in a few weeks you’ll be sick of hearing Ice stories from back in the day.

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