Tongariro Crossing

A couple days after my attempt at the Tongariro Northern Circuit, I heard that guided trips had started going over the Tongariro Crossing – a one day walk over the more interesting terrain on the Northern Circuit.  So, I will subject my loyal reader to another panoramic photo from Tongariro:

tongariro red crater

Tongariro’s Red Crater

This time, I started from the Ketetahi trailhead, which is not too far below the similarly named hut.  This hut has been closed for a while, due to it’s proximity to a crater that erupted a couple times last year:

lava bomb - poorly stitched

Poorly stitched together photo of holes in Ketetahi Hut, made by a lava bomb last year

One thing I’ve found interesting in this area is the clear bands of volcanic debris from eruptions over time.  Different volcanoes leave different types of rock and ash, and the North Island has plenty volcanoes that have been active in recent geologic history.

ash layers

Layers of volcanic debris

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