Training begins!

According to plan, 30-ish hours of airplanes and airports Thursday brought me up to Madison without much incident.  I think each of the four flights were a bit late to takeoff, but there were enough buffers built into the layovers that I made the scheduled flight from Chicago to Madison.  That flight was late too, of course.

222 - IceCube HQ.

222 – IceCube HQ.

Work started out Friday afternoon – mostly just meeting people, figuring out some paperwork, and generally getting oriented.  Next week is shaping up to be quite busy though – some more HR paperwork, digging in a bit more with training, dental appointments, scheduling flights to visit family, and outreach work at the state fair are already on the menu.

I’m excited to get going with training!  Obviously, I am interested in the job and in working at South Pole, I also think this is going to be a fun group of people work work with for the next year.

In between other things, I’ve been doing a bit of shopping, giving the credit card a good solid workout.  Of course there have been some little errands to get settled in – a US SIM card (way harder to get here than in New Zealand, by the way), Madison bike maps, etc.  A new SSD should be in the mail for my laptop, along with an external enclosure for the old hard drive.  Today’s purchase was a bit more exuberant, more to come!

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