Perhaps it could be called "Blue Lightning"

Perhaps it could be called “Blue Lightning”

As you might guess, I like bicycles.  It would be a safe guess – bicycles are awesome and it would be weird if I didn’t like them.

Dag and I are quite lucky in that IceCube has a couple bikes that were made available to us on our arrival in Madison.  I’m not sure on the details, but I think these two bikes were bought by the two IceCube winterovers who are currently at South Pole.  I ended up with “the blue one”, as Dag is a bit taller than me and the other bike is a bit bigger than the blue one.  Neither bike is very big though, and mine has a coaster brake.

Turns out it’s loads of fun to ride a coaster brake bike again – I have a good excuse for doing skids all over the place!  Riding around town on my kid-style bike, with a backpack, makes me feel like I’m an oversized 12 year old, let loose in Madison.  It’s also been fun to see how fast I can get the pedals spinning, occasionally overtaking spandex-clad roadies on the bike path.

The motel where Dag and I are living during training is a 20-ish minute ride from the main IceCube office, mostly along a really nice bike path.  As much fun as the blue bike is, I think that bike commuting on it is going to get a bit tiresome before it’s time to leave Madison.  Even if it doesn’t though, this bike almost certainly wouldn’t do so well at Pole.

So, I’ve ordered something a bit bigger – a pair of 4″ wide tires, with a bike attached.

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