Computer Stuff: 1 of ??

The black rectangle at the bottom-left is the main subject of this post.

The black rectangle with the Samsung label, at the bottom-left, is the main subject of this post.

Yesterday concluded my first full week of training, which we wrapped up with a pizza lunch and a discussion on IceCube’s computing architecture.  During the talk, a package showed up from newegg – the new SSD for my laptop!

When I originally bought this computer a couple years ago, the plan was to wait for SSDs to get a bit cheaper, then buy one to replace the low-spec hard drive that Apple installs by default.  Since I’ll be leaving for Pole soon, presumably without package mail (more later) and taking lots of photos, I thought it would be a good idea to stop waiting.

Today’s project has mostly related to getting the drive installed and setting up my computer again.  Holy cow, this drive has made a night-and-day difference to the speed of my computer!  Next project will be getting the old laptop hard drive filled up with things that might be useful to have at pole – mirrors of wikipedia and stackexchange to begin with.

Slightly related, I bought a copy of Lightroom 5, now that it’s released – much much better than iPhoto!

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