Fatbike = Funbike

I was too tired from riding wheelies in the park to take a decent picture

I was too tired from riding wheelies in the park to get a good picture. Trying to ride wheelies…

I’ve had this bike for a bit over a week now, and have been really enjoying it around Madison.  Other folks seem to like it too – it gets comments every day, and test rides pretty often.

The bike is a Surly Pugsley, currently stock except my old Brooks B17.  I was originally looking at a 9:zero:7 – their orange frame is certainly sexier, but couldn’t get one in my size until sometime in September or early October.  Glad to have this thing to ride around now.  It’s a fun ride to work, and gives me a chance to try figuring wheelies out.

Admittedly the stock tires* are a bit too knobby for pavement** – you can certainly hear it coming – but I think the diameter is just fine.  Most of the rolling resistance comes from the irresistible desire to run over every obstacle en route.  Curbs and parking stops are a good standby, sandy playgrounds and volleyball courts are really fun.  It’s been down plenty stairs and up a few flights, and I’m keeping an eye out for a see-saw with short handles.

To handle the weather at Pole, I’m accumulating parts to turn it into a single speed if shifting doesn’t work well.  Mainly the single speed parts are broken bits from the bike shop junk bin, including a freehub that I’m planning on brazing together to have a fixed-gear backup option.  Queries are in to the guys responsible for the UW ice drill on grease and such.  So, the cold is going to stop the rider well before it stops the bike.

*Note that the Pugsley comes with 27TPI tires, but the Pug Ops has nicer 120TPI ones.

**It’s not made for pavement, anyhow.


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4 Responses to Fatbike = Funbike

  1. Jennifer Krempin says:

    I love it. You’re such a nerd. It’s weird; my eyes want to see the wheels as normal size and the frame as super thin. What about the tyres in the cold? Will they not get really cold and crackly? I like you rolling resistance issues. I laughed out loud.

    Heading to bed now. Talk to you soon.


  2. Dra Martha Castro Médico WMA says:
  3. Jody and Ken says:

    Just the thing for errands in Boston during the winter. Ken

  4. herrachris says:

    Whoa! Bringing it to Pole this year?

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