Big Dead Place

big dead place cover

This weekend, I finished reading Big Dead Place, the book form of . Both are satirical stories from Antarctica put together by Nick Johnson. The book is a fun read, if a bit scattered in parts. It’s the most accessible window into Antarctic culture I’ve read so far.

Material in Big Dead Place, the book, is mostly from McMurdo about 10 years ago and is heavy on booze, sex, and bureaucracy. Those all certainly exist in the program, of course; I just want to be clear that this is a book to read for entertainment, rather than an objective account of life in Antarctica. does have some newer interviews and such, it’s worth having a look at too. Unfortunately, it seems like the site won’t be updated anymore; Nick killed himself about a year ago. Obituary.

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2 Responses to Big Dead Place

  1. herrachris says:

    I enjoyed BDP myself. I’m currently finishing up Sara Wheeler’s “Terra Incognita”–a nice Antarctic travelogue if you haven’t read it already. She took part in the Antarctic Arts and Writers Program.

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