I crack myself up

This morning, a wisp of a plan has coalesced. I’ll be leaving for New Zealand, then on to Antarctica, sometime in the next couple-to-several days. Weather and logistics permitting, this will involve flights 19 through 23 this year.

I don’t have the next ticket yet, but it may come with short notice. Indeed, in some circumstances, less than a week notice for a ticket to Antarctica could be considered “short notice”. At this point, I’d be happy with 2 days.

The next steps are to get the mud accumulated here in Crested Butte off my bike, head back down to Boulder, then start frantically remembering what I’ve forgotten to pack.

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Nerdy guy.
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One Response to Flying

  1. Elena Roser says:

    Ian- After browsing your blog, fascinated by the information and the crystal-clear photographs, I finally had to stop for a comment. What a fly! What texture! You’re an artist! Thanks for sharing your adventures and our talents with the world!

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