First Full Day at Work

In the main station, people are punny

In the main station, people are punny

A computer needed some attention out at the IceCube Lab (ICL) Tuesday morning, so one of our first projects was to walk out there and take care of it. The ICL deserves a post of it’s own, will save that for later. Some snow had accumulated around ICL over winter, which needed shovelling, so that was next on the agenda!

It’s been a while since I’ve been around really cold weather, and I found that I over-estimated for some parts of my outfit, and under-estimated for others. Jeans and long johns aren’t adequate for a walk out the ICL in this weather! Outside, it’s currently around -40 (which we say verbally as “forty” – the negative here is always implied), a breezy ~15 knots, and sunny.

After ICL, we went to lunch, cleaned up the B2 lab (which is in the main station) a little, then did some more training. My main project for the afternoon was to make some sense of my email setup, which is a bit more involved than one might guess. We only have normal Internet connectivity when the satellites are up, but emails get sent by IceCube when things go awry, and I need to get those as soon as they are sent. So, we have an email server here on station, which needs to be connected in a sensible way with my other two email accounts. One of those other two accounts can be transmitted through Iridium, which allows me to get emails from the outside world even when the geosynchronous satellites are below the horizon.

In the evening, the station store opened, which is always a busy time on station. Our store deserves a post too; the short of it is that it sells souvenirs, toiletries, snacks, and beer. Several of us spent a few hours hanging out in one of the lounges on station, shooting pool and visiting in the evening.

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