Dirty Laundry, and Humidity

South Pole Station laundry room

South Pole Station laundry room

It’s Sunday, and my seventh day here at Pole. We tend to work 6-day weeks here, with Sunday being the day off. It felt good to sleep in, especially knowing that an excellent brunch is served up Sunday mornings!

Brunch probably deserves it’s own post too – maybe next week. I had a chorizo, green chilli, and cheese omelette made to order, some tasty potatoes, and one of the better cinnamon rolls I’ve yet encountered.

After brunch, it was time for my weekly load of laundry. To save energy, we’re allowed one load of laundry per week. Our water comes from a special kind of well, which’ll have to get another post sometime. At any rate, there’s a laundry room on station, with free machines and detergent, so it works much like back home.

One thing that’s different from home though, is that it’s really dry here. The relative humidity outside is something like 60-80%, which sounds like a lot, until you remember that it’s damn cold outside. Today is a lot warmer than yesterday, and it’s now -30C outside. Cold air can’t contain much water vapour at all – even at 80% relative humidity, there’s not much water per amount of air. If you take that frigid outside air and warm it up to the comfortable temperature inside the station, you still have the same amount of water in the air, but the relative humidity is now under 5%.

In practical terms; I hung a load of wet laundry in my room, left to watch a movie, and the laundry is now close to dry.

Drying laundry, and humidifying my room!

Drying laundry, and humidifying my (tiny) room!


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One Response to Dirty Laundry, and Humidity

  1. spinecrawler says:

    oooh fancy new washing machines

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