ICL with loading ramp

This is the IceCube Lab, usually called ICL, which is located above the centre of the detector, a several-minute walk from the main station. Inside are most of the computers that make IceCube go, a work area, and a small bedroom in case someone gets caught out in the lab during bad weather. The towers on either side contain cables from under the ice, including slack so the building can eventually be raised if that’s required due to drifting snow.

The snow ramp and red sled are temporary for supporting our work this summer. We’re waiting on four crates full of computer gear to upgrade parts of the detector; the red sled is a heated place to temporarily keep cargo from freezing before it’s unpacked, and the ramp is for getting computer gear into the building.

Most of my day-to-day work is done from inside the main station, by connecting to computers in the ICL through our network. So far, I’ve only needed to go out to ICL (a ~10-15 minute walk) every few days to deal with hardware problems, but when our cargo gets here, I’ll be spending a lot more time there upgrading computers.

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