X Ray Training

x ray cameraThis afternoon, some of us spent an hour learning some basics about taking X Rays. Rather than exposing our own bodies to unnecessary doses of radiation, we took a couple images of my camera.

Once a week, I work with the station doctor to plan an hour training session for the medical emergency response team. Things like X Rays or blood work won’t be done unless requested (and supervised) by the doctor, but the idea is that the doctor might be preoccupied in an emergency and we want to be as helpful as possible.

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One Response to X Ray Training

  1. Hi, I might gonna have strange request… I googled x ray pictures camera, and I ended up here. The reason is, I’m working on poster for exhibition that I and my mates from our photoclub gonna have in our hometown in Czech Republic. The exhibiton is going to be at walls of the x ray departement in local hospital… so that is the explanation why I was looking for the x ray images of digital cameras… I liked this picture and used it for “beta” version – but we don’t want to use it until we get your permision.. If you contact me via email, I can send you the poster so you can decide..No big deal if you are not comfortable with this. Thanks 🙂 BTW. really great blog and pictures ! I stucked here for a long time – I am PhD student of astrophysics, so I love the stuff you guys doing “down there”!

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