The Greenhouse


One of the nicest places to spend time in the station is our hydroponic greenhouse.  It’s a small place, but very dense – my understanding is that it started out as an experiment for a potential future mission to Mars. This is probably the most humid place on station, it smells like plants, and the full spectrum light is probably good for us too.

At this point, the greenhouse is run by volunteers. Lately, one of the bigger projects has been taming our jungle of tomato plants, which Sarah is working on here. Lately, these plants have been producing pounds of small tomatoes every day:

s in greenhouse

On the sides of the greenhouse are two levels of beds, with the bottom ones on rollers so they can cover the aisles when nobody is inside.
lettuce in greenhouse

A recent upgrade was a switch to LED lighting, which makes the greenhouse more efficient, though it does look a bit weird inside and the light is horrible for photography:
greenhouse lights

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One Response to The Greenhouse

  1. Sandra says:

    Seems like the green house could be crowded now and again! It looks so welcoming:) I’m glad you have such a warm, humid place to be in! and the food looks wonderful.

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