Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner down here is a tradition that folks look forward to; aside from the sunset dinner, it’s probably the biggest culinary event of the year, but you’ve gotta stick around for the whole winter to enjoy that. Stay tuned.

We started Christmas Dinner with mingling over several tasty appetisers in the hall, about half an hour before the main meal began.

Appetisers in the hall - again they were excellent

This year, the mains were Maine lobster and Beef Wellington, and they were both excellent! My photo of the food certainly doesn’t do it justice between the dim candle-lighting and my appetite, but the atmosphere in person was great.

christmas dinner plateFor the dinner, we rearranged the galley to form long tables, and had two seatings. Main dishes are served up from the same counter as usual, but for everything else, folks volunteer to provide table service for the meal they’re not eating at. I’ll confess to not volunteering at all for this meal – will have to do some dishwashing to catch up on kitchen karma before too long…

I signed up for the second seating with the rest of the IceCube crowd, and some scientists from less interesting projects. One of the perks of the second seating is that we can sit around and digest after the meal, so the signup sheet filled up fast.

The galley was rearranged to form long tables, and both seatings were comfortably filled

Many people brought wine to share, and one of the firefighters bought a couple cases of champagne for everyone. Dessert was amazing – I only had the cheesecake during the meal, but have sampled the chocolate torte and some foamy sugary things as leftovers.

A big dance party (billed as a festivus celebration) apparently started out in summer camp around the same time we were finishing up our lobster, but I was exhausted after a long couple days and took the opportunity to catch up on sleep, and to digest!

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