Football, the Wall Street Journal, and Bowling

We get a lot of work done down here, and there’s a fair bit of playing done too. With the two day weekend for Christmas coinciding with some of our best weather, I’ve spent a bit more time lately playing outside than usual – even got sucked into a game of football:

christmas footballWe also had the annual Race Around the World, which I need to track down a few photos of to post here. I didn’t take any pictures, but did ride the race on my bike.

For a couple weeks before the race, I was in touch with a reporter from the Wall Street Journal, who wrote up this article on the Race Around the World (Curtis did win). Unfortunately, despite several valiant attempts at quotable lines, I didn’t end up getting featured. I did, however, get to bowl at the South Pole’s finest alley with the reporter’s brother a day or two after the race. It is a small world.


I suspect that this equipment was scavenged from the now-gone bowling lanes at McMurdo

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