New Years

sun sketch

A surreal sky full of glitter and colour, for New Years Day

New Years at Pole, for me at least, felt more like a turning point than a fresh beginning. I’ve been down here for a little over two months; most of that time has been filled with various summer projects. The projects I’ve been involved with are either done or getting close to it. Lots of people who’ve been busy with summer work will be leaving soon, and preparation for winter is ramping up – mainly in the form of fuel flights.

Celebration wise, we had a big dance party/concert in the gym, which was a blast – good people and good music! After that wound down, I stayed up with a few friends in the sauna until around 3.

new years dance party

The Unpaid Bills played most of the New Years Eve party

New Years Day, we had brunch followed by a ceremony to unveil the new Geographic South Pole marker, which will have to get it’s own post some other time.

Several of us from that ceremony got an invitation to visit our NGO (non-governmental organisation) neighbours, who joined the ceremony. In the end, only two of us from the station snuck off to ring in the new year with them on Chilean time. Sneaking is probably not the best word for what we did – the sun here won’t set for months, and we biked or walked across a flat white plateau from here to there.

At any rate, we had a very nice morning/night chatting about various adventures and friends over mulled wine, and were treated to the most amazing sun display I’ve seen. Since I felt a bit sneaky in visiting the NGOs (I’m fairly certain it was actually OK given the invitation), I hadn’t brought my camera along. The sketch at the top of this post is the best I can come up with.

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