That Race Around the World photo

Photo by Andrea Dixon

Finishing up the Race Around the World.  Photo by Andrea Dixon

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7 Responses to That Race Around the World photo

  1. herrachris says:

    Hey there, well I’m hired again for the 2014-15 summer season at McMurdo and want to bring my Pugsley down. How did you pack yours up? Looks your summer and winter seasons are going well!

    • ianrrees says:

      Congrats! Hopefully next summer gets off to a smoother start than the last one did.

      I just brought my bike down in a regular bike shipping box. The folks at the CDC will appreciate it if you give them the box when you go for clothing fitting. As long as you’re under your total weight limit (ECW probably adds ~40lbs if I had to guess), you’ll be fine.

      • herrachris says:

        That’s good to know! I plan to message my department manager who is also in charge of the McMurdo recreation person, I believe. I’ll contact the CDC too. Did you taxi it out yourself? Or wait until one of the van’s picked you and everyone else up from your hotel? I’m just wondering if I need to do any prior arrangements.

      • ianrrees says:

        I live in Chch, so just used a car. A call to Super Shuttle (assuming that’s who USAP still uses) the night before should be fine – expect to pay a bit extra to take a bike on the shuttle. Depending on the timing, you could also just haul your bike straight to the CDC when you land.

  2. herrachris says:

    Hey there! I’ve been really enjoying your blog over the past few months. You are doing some wild things.

    Have a bike packing question: My Pugsley is all packed up and ready to be shipped. However, one person who brought their Pugsley down to McMurdo previous says that I need to send it in two boxes according to APO limits. I don’t see the issue as the box is smaller than the limit size. Any thoughts on this? I plan to contact a few folks in the program, but thought I’d get your suggestion.

    • ianrrees says:

      Hi Chris,

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog!

      I don’t know what the APO size limits are, so can’t help there unfortunately. Have heard of others shipping them down in two boxes, so I wonder if we know the same person?

      Another option is that I could sell you my bike in McMurdo 😉 It’s a size large, and you’d just need to provide a saddle and a new cassette. -Ian-

      • herrachris says:

        Hey, Ian.

        It’s Dan Shieffelin that I know. But, I just got it sorted. Had some misinformation! Shipping it down in one box. Unfortunately, a large is well, too large for me.

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