Comings and [mostly] Goings

LC130s just about always have their props going when they're at Pole.

It’s hard to capture in a photo, but the sun is noticeably lower and redder lately

The summer season here is winding down, and I’m ready for winter to start later this week. We have just about all of the winterover crew on station now, including a good friend from previous adventures who arrived last week. The last two winterovers should arrive on the 12th, and station is scheduled to close on the 14th.

Yesterday, 35 passengers left for McMurdo, which brought the total station population below 100 for the first time since mid-November. It was a Sunday night flight – very rare, but necessary this year as there’s been bad weather in McMurdo and we need to get flights in before the temperature here drops below -50F. It might be -55F, at any rate the minimum for landing hercs.

There’ll be several more flights with a few passengers leaving (and fuel arriving) over the next few days, then one last big one to close the station. We’re also starting to see the smaller planes passing through Pole from McMurdo, en route to Canada via South America.

Last night, I stayed up late chatting with a friend who’ll be leaving soon. We talked about lots of things, mostly travel and climbing. There’s a part of me that wants to follow all these other migrant workers North and go on my own travel adventure, but mostly I’m ready for them to head off on their adventures and leave us to settle into ours.

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