Another Last Flight Post

parking last flightContinuing the theme of airplane photos, this is my friend and fellow winterover G marshalling in the last flight from a couple posts back. Incidentally, this the same LC130 that was parked here for a week or so, back in December.

We currently have the last two planes we’ll see until spring sitting outside. They’ll take on a few hundred gallons of fuel tomorrow around lunchtime, weather permitting, then slide on down the skiway bound for Rothera and points further North.

I’m in charge of taking apart our airfield fuel system this year, which has been a fun project so far. Smaller planes don’t require as much infrastructure as the LC-130s do, so I’ve already been able to dismantle parts of the system with help from G and others, to spread the (cold) work across several days. In a previous life, I was a “fuelie”, and I enjoy the break from computer work to get a bit of physical labour in.

Weather has been fairly calm lately, with temperatures around -46C/-50F, and the shadows just keep getting longer. I’m been enjoying the transition into winter – it’s a bit weird to have the last herc leave with all the summer people, followed by a week of DC-3 and Twin Otter crews. Even with these transient people hanging around though, we’ve rearranged the galley and gotten moved into our winter rooms. One “wing” of the station gets shut down for the winter, since we don’t need the space and can save a lot of fuel. Most of the vehicles are put away from the winter, so I don’t have the option to be lazy and take a snow machine out to ICL instead of a walk (or bike ride!).

And, of course, we’re each individually starting to settle in to our winter routines. There’s been a change of activities on offer with the changing crew; no more dodgeball (yet…), but a few of us had a yoga session this evening, I’m trying to get into a climbing routine, and maybe the banjo will come out of hiding soon.


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4 Responses to Another Last Flight Post

  1. Peter Ginsburg says:

    Thanks for the update Ian. Always interesting to hear the goings on at Pole. Did Blaise Kuo Tiong make it back for the IceCube project? Last year’s Pole winter overs haven’t posted anything on their blogs since they “escaped” in November. When is sunset predicted for this year?

    • ianrrees says:

      Hi Peter,

      Blaise wintered for IceCube last year, I’m pretty sure he’s back home now. Our positions are full-year contracts, and there’s a rule that you have to take a couple months off after a year on The Ice. So, at this point, it’s not possible to winter for IceCube two years in a row.

      As I understand it, sunset will be sometime around March 24, give or take a couple days depending on your definition of sunset, and atmospheric effects. -Ian-

  2. Sandra says:

    Love reading the post Ian! I think of you every day as well as those hanging out with you! Keep those smiles showing in the pictures! Love from the North:)

  3. Sandra says:

    Also: Great Pictures!!!

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