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jj with tuba

One of the summer folks playing with the tuba before we fixed it

One of the things that often impresses me down here is the variety of weird stuff we’ve accumulated on station. I suppose part of that is the massive cost of shipping things back to the “real world” for disposal, and part is a reflection of the eclectic population here.

A few recent events got me to thinking about this. Yesterday morning, the doctor came to me looking for help with re-programming an IV pump that uses infrared communications – like PalmPilots used probably 20 years ago now. A little scrounging later, and I think we’ve got a couple options that might be pressed into service for this job.

For work the other day, we needed some old Ultra320 SCSI cables – more tech parts from around 10 years ago. Of course, we found a whole pile of the right kind of cables without even leaving the main station.

The tuba is another example. We’ve got two of them (and, I think two theremins too). Neither were complete until we recently made a missing tube for one of them in the machine shop; the other is missing tons of parts, for some reason that’s long lost to history, but the one in the photo above seems to work OK. Just gotta find someone that can play it!

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