Keeping Busy

weaving tape

Nominal capacity of my new window cover is on the order of 100GB

Station closing projects have been wrapping up, yielding more time for hobbies and such. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been spending time in our bouldering cave regularly, picking at the banjo a bit, and working on some fun projects.

My new window cover is made from 8mm data tape, woven into something just slightly more attractive than a black plastic garbage bag. We’ve been working on our taping system a lot lately; after looking at the insides of one cartridge, I got curious what the tape would look like if it were woven into a fabric. So, I found some C clamps and wood, and made up a little loom, then started weaving some tape. In conclusion, it makes an interesting window cover, and weaving data tape is just as tedious as everything else to do with data tapes.

bouldering cave

Yours truly, at the worlds southernmost indoor climbing facility

Getting back into a climbing routine has been nice. Our little gym is a few minutes walk from the main station, but is going to be kept heated over the winter, so it’s a nice way to get out of the station. A few other folks have been getting out there too; it’s possible to find company, or to exercise solo if that fits the mood better.

Finally, I snapped a photo of a small sundog yesterday from the roof of MAPO – it’s the little slice of vertical rainbow to the right, and there was a matching one to the left.

small sundog

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