Pictures from Across the Continent

My regular reader might recall a post from New Years, in which I artfully illustrated an atmospheric phenomena on a legal pad. From Halley 6, where they still have sunlight, we have pictures of a similar light show on Anthony’s blog.

I think it’s pretty cool that this place we live in is so incredibly remote and unforgiving, but we can casually send photos across the continent (via satellites, and computers all around the world, of course). This is still the continent that killed so many explorers, and it’s easy to remember that by spending any time outside. The cold’s latest victim around here is one of our Caterpillar D7 bulldozers, which blew a hydraulic line the other day, presumably due to working when it was too cold.

Just for the sake of posting a photo, this is what the horizon looked like a couple days ago:

sunset behind ceremonial pole

It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there


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3 Responses to Pictures from Across the Continent

  1. LFFL says:

    Great photo there.

  2. antantarctic says:

    Thans for the mention Ian. Yeah, it’s easy to take some things for granted like getting in touch with home and posting photos. Soon hits home wher you are when you get outside though!
    I’ve stuck a link to your site on my blog, hope that’s cool.

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