Earth’s Shadow

We occasionally joke that South Pole Station is the poor man’s space station, sometimes it’s a more apt comparison than others.

For the last few days, it’s felt like space is a little closer than usual; this is Earth’s shadow cast on the atmosphere.

earths shadow

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5 Responses to Earth’s Shadow

  1. Robert Franklin says:

    Explain and little more on the Station being designed as an airfoil. Thanks

    • ianrrees says:

      Hey Robert, good to hear from you.

      Anything that slows down the air in Antarctica will create drifts – there is very little new snow in the interior, but the wind does move around the snow that’s here like sand in a desert.

      Our wind here at Pole very consistently blows from the same direction. So, the station is built on stilts that’re something like 10 feet tall, and it’s facing into the wind such that air is meant to be accelerated under the station. Under the station, the surface is mostly flat and scoured clean of snow by the faster moving air there.

      The photo currently at the top of my blog shows the upwind side of the station, and there’s one on the “Astronomy Class” post where you can see the side view. Both give an idea of how well the idea works.

  2. Christoph says:

    Ian, this image is beautiful. Could I use it in my free physics text?

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