Another Aurora Photo

station ian and aurora

Yours truly, earlier today.  Red light under station is mostly from a loader clearing snow.

It’s been a fairly quiet week down here – just tinkering around with some little projects, and a bit of normal work stuff. Hiring for Dag’s and my positions next year is well underway back in Madison. Seems like not that long ago when I was anxiously waiting to hear back after my interviews for this job, a year ago now. At the same time, we’re only a little over two months into winter, with a bit over six to go.

The Moon is setting and waning, so it’s getting quite a lot darker outside. There’s still enough light to stumble around outside without a headlight, but you can’t really see the contours in the snow anymore. Lots more stars than there were just a week ago, and we’ve had some really impressive auroras today. Photos really don’t do justice to bright aurora like these. Dimmer aurora look better on camera than they do to the eye, but the bright shimmery ones are really something else.

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