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Our well stocked, not terribly well organised, library

Conversations around here tend to be a lot of fun and can wander far and wide, especially at lunch and dinner. We’ve got a very varied set of life experiences, plenty time to chat, and usually not much new material to talk about. Lately, the satellite schedule has kept us off the Internet until mid-afternoon too, so there’s not even been the option to resolve debates from some of these rambling discussions.

To pick an example from today: Where does MSG come from? Mines in China?

I think it’s entertaining for the most part. Last night there was a discussion for at least half an hour about holding a cup using one’s dominant vs non-dominant hand.

The isolation has another perk – this is an ideal place to hold a trivia night without smartphones to cause trouble!


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3 Responses to Bullshit

  1. Cameron Wookey says:


    This comment refers to your “conversational acrobatics” (aka BS) post on May 3, 2014. I noticed that the oblique pic of a bookshelf seems to include a set of Britannica (like mine here in Gunnison?). It occurred to me that given the facility of digital cameras it might be easy to simply photograph the binders of all of the books in the South Pole station’s libraries for the historical record. Might sound boring now, but in future years some SP inhabitants would certainly find it interesting. I’m not sure Paul Siple did anything like this – not yet through “90 (deg) South”. Really a good read, so far.

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