As I mentioned briefly back in March, I’ve made a habit of climbing in our little bouldering gym. My routine for the last couple months has been to go out there every other day, and do a growing set of routes at least once per visit. It’s a good excuse to get outside on days when I might otherwise just stay in, a fun way to keep in shape, and has got me to thinking about climbing projects outside of our little gym.

Here are a few photos from the walk out to the gym yesterday after dinner. Starting with “Destination Zulu” or DZ, which I think of as the back door to the main station. To the left is the waste line, where we bring the larger bags of sorted waste from inside, to be picked up by C. This area tends to be a windier than average on my walk, since the station is designed as an airfoil to minimise drifting:

DZ outside dark

Long exposure of DZ makes the snow much clearer than it is to the eye

Looking in the other direction, we can see the power plant exhaust stack, and the red lights of the VFM (vehicle fuelling module – our gas station), cryo (cryogenics building), and the BIF (balloon inflation facility). The gym is in “summer camp”, which is the darker line on the horizon to the right of the red lights and the left of the closer buildings (waste):cryo and milky way

Getting out to the gym, we can see my new addition to the decor: a climbing topo of The Diamond, the East face of Long’s Peak. This was a neat project last week.

At some point a few years ago, I started thinking about trying the Casual Route (5.10a) as a way to finish up the Colorado 14ers. I was looking for a good photo of The Diamond to post in the gym as a motivator, and got in touch with Clay of Diamond Productions. He was super friendly and helpful, and we worked out a way to get a high resolution digital version of his art down here. I printed it out with our kinda-funky (hence the darker horizontal line midway up) big inkjet printer, and now have a beautiful map of the Diamond:

climbing gym decorations


Finally, here’s one of the cave itself, it’s quite dense:

climbing gym


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One Response to Climbing

  1. C says:

    Funny, I think of DZ as the front door to the Station.

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