FDX Boots

fdx boots

With a long exposure and some moonlight, it can look almost like daylight out

A few people have asked about the clothes we wear down here, I guess boots are as good a place as any to start. We get issued a pair of insulated boots on the way down here along with the rest of our Extreme Cold Weather (ECW) gear, two pairs for Pole winterovers. Three different types are available, “Bunny boots“, FDX boots, and a newer boot by Baffin became available sometime in the last couple years.

FDX boots are (or possibly were – they all seem to be a bit long in the tooth) made by Asics, and have removable felt insoles and fuzzy liners. More insoles make the boot warmer, but there’s very little support so they also make one’s footing a bit less stable. Everything is a tradeoff, as usual. The tall part that covers the calf is pretty thin, which I like because it tucks nicely into regular jeans, and keeps loose snow out. FDX boots are fairly heavy, I’d guess something like 3kg for a pair, but they are very warm and handle the weather here no problem.

fdx boots 2

Plastic diamond plate; a good approximation of the physicists’ frictionless surface against frozen rubber.


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  1. It’s impossible for me not to compare what you wear to what Scott and his contemporaries wore. I’m happy for you!

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