South Pole Ice Core

Next summer, drilling is scheduled to begin for the South Pole Ice Core. I read through their website recently and found a neat RADAR image of the area, which was used in selecting the site to drill.

It’s an interesting way to see the extent of some projects here, and some history too.  The main skiway is parallel to the older one, which as far as I know was used for the original south pole station (located between the text labels for MAPO and Dark Sector Laboratory aka SPT). In person, there’s no way to see many of the structures on this image. For instance, IceCube is clearly a hexagon in the photo below, but in person the detector is only marked by bamboo flags on top of each detector string. The old station has been buried (and then demolished), and it’s runway is completely invisible as are many of the old roads.

South Pole COSMO Sky-Med - Annotated RADAR


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