Window Covers

galley window coversSeveral considerations go into the issue of light pollution here during the winter, with the net effect being that the windows of the station are blocked off with pieces of cardboard rather than the inbuilt blinds. Some of these window covers are just plain pieces from old boxes, others are decorated with paintings, collages, game show style spinners, etc. The window in my room is covered first with cardboard, then with woven 8mm data tape.

Today, we got the OK to take the window covers down. At dinner, a weird new colour was visible out the end of the galley. I think it’s called “orange” or maybe “peach”? Sounds delicious either way.

For the most part, there’s nothing to see yet in the many-paned, aluminium-framed, windows now except for a glossy (and pale) reflection of oneself, the glow on the horizon, or the moon. Although it’s been easy to see outside unaided for some time now, our windows are tinted against the intense summer sunlight. So, the view outside from in makes the outside look deceivingly dark – it’s like a one-way mirror, pointing in.

dz window cover removed


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