footprint sastrugi

Sastrugi, that started out as footprints

When I last posted here, we were just a couple days from the official end of Winter. Now, there are just a small handful of winterovers left on station, mainly “beakers” like me who have a bit longer to turn over to our replacements than most of the contractors have. Assuming no major changes in the weather or mechanical problems with the planes, we should all be heading North by the end of the week.

In the space of a day or two, the station population went from being ~40 very familiar people to nearly 150 with a bunch of new faces. Although we had a “soft opening” with several new summer folks to repair the Rodwell at the end of last month, it’s a bit of a shock to see all the new faces in our home and workplace all Winter. The routine from Winter is gone, it’s hard to keep from making inside jokes around people who don’t understand them.

Up until the first LC-130 took away some of our crew, I felt pretty comfortable here and wasn’t too antsy to leave. With most of my turnover done now, my (great!) boss on station to help the new guys, and most of my winter friends gone, it’s time to go.

What’s next? A bit of traveling I suppose, then probably some work after that. I’m certainly looking forward to a bit of the green, wet, muddy, complicated world up there, but will be missing the endless sastrugi before too long.


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