My name is Ian. I’m an occasionally transient guy, probably working for a year at the South Pole.

This is my personal blog. My intention is to share things that might be interesting, when I feel like it. Some of these interesting things might be based on real events, some might be based entirely on imagination, and some might not be interesting.

For official information, the USAP page might be a good start.

The name “weak nuclear force” is not a very good name, but I wasn’t feeling inspired and needed something. Neutrinos interact with the rest of the world through the weak nuclear force, and through gravity, but I’m not such a big fan of gravity, so there you go.


5 Responses to About

  1. Mary Wagner says:

    Hi! I am a second grade teacher from Wisconsin who would love to have my students ask you some questions about your life in Antarctica. Would you be interested in communicating with us?

  2. Randall Miller says:

    Hello Ian. I just accidentally found your blog and read it with extreme fascination. What are you doing now?
    Randall Miller
    Mukwonago, Wisconsin USA

    • ianrrees says:

      Hi Randall, glad you enjoyed the blog!

      I’m back to my usual routine – programming and fixing stuff, playing outside, riding bikes, etc. Lately getting back in to banjo – got a “fixer upper” to replace the one I had at Pole (and passed on to another winterover).

      Have been making replacement coils for Accutron 214 electronic watches on the side, it’s been quite an interesting process figuring out how to do it. Will do up a series of posts on those once I can find time and motivation. Keep an eye on this page for more on that front if it interests you: http://members.iinet.net.au/~fotoplot/acc.htm .

  3. Randall Miller says:

    Great to hear from you. Looks like you are still down under. If you ever get back stateside and in Wisconsin give us a shout. We are about a hour S.E. of Madison. Happy New Year and best wishes.

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